Be it a ruptured tooth surface or a decayed one; dental fillings are designed to remove tooth decay and preserve teeth from infection. These bio-compatible dental restorations help preserve teeth’s function and form to a wide extent. They also serve as a cosmetic solution for damaged and dull teeth. 

Your dental filling at Fulton, MD, aims to restore teeth to their health after a cavity removal procedure. They can also repair teeth that have been broken, cracked, or worn down. There are several types of dental fillings available. The most common ones are Gold, Amalgam, Silver, and Composite Fillings.

Fix your Teeth with Dental Fillings

Fillings are easy to insert and do not consume much chair-time from the patient. The dentist would first numb the area of teeth where the filling must go. An instrument such as a drill or air abrasion instrument will be used to develop a hole into the tooth. It is by this channel that the dentist would remove any decayed particles if any. The dentist would ideally use devices that the patient is comfortable with. 

Once the cavity is removed, the dentist will prepare a room to include the filling. Before introducing the filling, the dentist will ensure whether the bottom of the cavity has extended near the nerve line. In such cases, a resin material will be introduced before inserting the filling to ensure that the patient will be comfortable before placing the filling material.

After filling the cavity with the filling material, the hole will be sealed and polished.

Tooth-colored Fillings Will Do The Trick

If you are worried about giving out a full smile right away after a filling and wished if they weren’t so noticeable, tooth-colored fillings might just do the trick. 

A composite or tooth-colored filling is used to repair cracks, chipped, or broken portions of teeth. They are very much in demand as they are known to match the shade of your natural teeth. As they are free of a metallic substance, composite fillings are known to be safe and free of side-effects.

A toothache can interfere with your daily life, as well as your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re experiencing tooth pain and you think you may need a filling, call Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn today at (240) 456-0717 or schedule an appointment online.


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