Tips on Extending Your Teeth Whitening Results

Tips on Extending Your Teeth Whitening Results

Posted by Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn on Jun 10 2020, 11:11 AM

Tips on Extending Your Teeth Whitening Results

Whiter teeth make the biggest impact when you walk away from a dental appointment with Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn. Their dentists use the Philips Zoom whitening system, which can brighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter in a single 45-minute treatment.

Zoom whitening offers fantastic results, but all the same old tooth-staining culprits are still out there. There’s no dental whitening system that provides permanent results, but extending the benefits will delay your next whitening session. With the following tips, you may be able to keep your smile shining at maximum brightness for months.

What causes teeth staining?

There are a few unavoidable causes for yellowing of teeth, such as diseases and treatments that affect the outer enamel and inner dentin of your teeth. Some antibiotics, antihistamines, and blood pressure medications may also cause color changes. Getting older and genetics also influence tooth color.

However, you do have some control over staining factors. Tobacco smokers, for example, develop yellow teeth from the staining effects of nicotine. Going for a whitening session after you quit smoking is a perfect motivator to kick the habit.

Food and drink are another matter. Reasonable consumption of beverages like coffee and tea have few health compromises (they could even be beneficial), except they contribute to dulling down your smile. Red wine is another culprit, along with dark sodas like cola. Even fruits and vegetables can put you at risk. Blueberries may be obvious, but apples and potatoes are not.

Extending your whitening session

Despite this continuous staining onslaught, you can make a few changes that keep your teeth looking more like you came from a cleaning appointment earlier in the day. It’s not all about giving up things you enjoy. You can certainly cut back on coffee and tea, for instance, but attention to your oral care may help, including strategic rinsing and brushing to minimize staining effects.

You can enlist the help of the Zoom system. It’s not just a high-result dental office treatment. Zoom at-home kits add whitening effects that take care of stains that want to re-emerge after your Allure Dental Care session. Your dentist custom forms a tray for using with these at-home kits.

You can even choose how you want to administer home whitening. DayWhite kits use twice-daily sessions of short durations, while NiteWhite is an overnight system that works while you sleep. Each system works similarly. You activate your tray with the whitening solution and snap it in place over your teeth, wearing for the appropriate length of time.

In each case, treatments last about two weeks. You can even get whiter teeth without a Zoom dental office treatment using the Zoom QuickPro kit. Home kits don’t use professional-strength whitening solutions, nor do they feature the Zoom WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp that accelerates the whitening results you expect from a dental office session.

Contact Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn by phone or online to schedule a teeth-whitening consultation. The dental professionals here can help you choose the combination of treatments that meet your smile expectations. Book your appointment today.

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