How Does Smoking Affect Dental Health?

How Does Smoking Affect Dental Health?

Posted by Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn on Mar 10 2022, 01:02 AM

How Does Smoking Affect Dental Health?

While smoking is known to adversely affect overall health, its effects on oral health and your teeth can be just as detrimental. In fact, the mouth is the first to reflect changes brought about by smoking. Prolonged smoking can lead to far more serious dental issues over time.

In this article, our team at Allure Dental in Fulton, Maryland, elaborates on the effects of smoking on your teeth and overall dental health.

Effects of Smoking on Your Dental Health

Teeth Stains and Discoloration

The first and most obvious effects of smoking on the teeth are stains and discoloration. These are caused by the nicotine and tar in tobacco products. Teeth start to become yellow within a short time and then turn brown as the smoking continues. 

Professional whitening treatments are required to remove or reduce the staining caused by tobacco products.

Encourages Plaque 

The accumulation of plaque and tartar is higher in smokers. If not cleaned regularly by a dentist, these accumulations can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Gum Disease

When it comes to gum disease, smokers are more at risk than non-smokers. Since smoking weakens the body’s immune system, any infection in the gums has a higher tendency to progress. 

Smoking can lead to gingivitis which can advance to periodontitis. This condition causes the inner gum to separate from the teeth and create gaps where bacteria and food debris can accumulate and cause infections.

The jawbone also tends to lose density with long-term smoking. This can not only pose a serious risk for gum disease but also lowers the chances for success of a tooth implant that might be needed later.

Smoking Affects Healing 

Healing after dental procedures such as a tooth extraction or a root canal takes longer for smokers. This is because the oxygen that is required for proper healing at a cellular level is lower in smokers.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

If you are a smoker and experience any of the below symptoms, consult a dentist and start your treatment immediately:

  • Pain while chewing 
  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Space between the gums and teeth
  • Tooth loss 

Quit smoking and you will see an overall improvement in your dental health over time, with a significant reduction of the effects of any existing gum disease. 

To learn more about the effects of cigarettes on your teeth, call Allure Dental at (240) 456-0717 or visit us at 8170 Maple Lawn Blvd Suite 150, Fulton, MD 20759.

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