Dental Implants: No One Will Know They Aren’t Your Real Teeth

Dental Implants: No One Will Know They Aren’t Your Real Teeth

Posted by Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn on Apr 15 2019, 12:20 AM

Dental Implants: No One Will Know They Aren’t Your Real Teeth

A dental implant is the closest you can get to mimicking a natural tooth. It stands on its own, functions just like your original tooth, and more importantly, it looks just like your real teeth.

At Allure Dental Care of Maple Lawn, we’re dedicated to helping each patient look their best and feel confident in their smile. That’s why we often recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth while ensuring no one will ever know the difference.

What you need to know about dental implants

Dental implants have more uses than you may realize. You can use individual dental implants to replace one missing tooth or several teeth. But did you know that dental implants can also anchor a bridge or dentures?

That’s right, you can get implant-supported dentures or even better, fixed dentures, which are permanently held in place with implants.

If you need to replace several single teeth, an implant is inserted for each one. You need two implants to secure a bridge and multiple implants for fixed dentures.

What happens when you get a dental implant

Getting a dental implant is a multistep process. Dental implants are made from several parts, and each one is placed in your mouth separately, beginning with the titanium rod, which we implant into your jaw.

Titanium rods are safe for your body, and they have a unique quality: They can fuse with your bone. After we insert the rod, the bone grows around and connects with it, turning your dental implant into a replacement tooth root.

The rod comes up to the top of the gumline, so for the next step, we securely attach a piece to the rod called the abutment. The abutment sticks out above the gumline, where it’s used to secure your beautiful, new prosthetic tooth.

Why you can’t tell dental implants from your real teeth

Here are three reasons why no one can tell your implant apart from your other teeth:

Implants recreate the appearance of your real teeth

You can smile as often as you like and no one will ever notice a dental implant because it looks just like your natural teeth. Even if your dental implant is one of your front teeth, your friends won’t be able to tell it apart from the rest.

That’s because the prosthetic crown is made from porcelain that precisely matches the shade of your other teeth. Porcelain is also great because it has a sheen that mimics normal tooth enamel.

In addition to sharing the same color and luster, your porcelain implant is perfectly shaped to match the lost tooth and to fit in with the rest of your teeth.

Implants restore natural strength and function

When we insert your dental implant into your jaw and it fuses with the bone, it creates a secure anchor that’s as strong as your original tooth. Once your prosthetic tooth is attached to the implant, you have a new tooth that functions just like your natural teeth.

Even though your friends probably can’t tell the strength of your teeth just by looking at your smile, you’ll feel the difference. You can freely laugh, eat, and talk with confidence, knowing that your implant is as solid as your natural teeth.

That’s something to keep in mind when you make decisions about new teeth. The way you talk and eat changes when you have replacement teeth that are uncomfortable or don’t look right in your mouth.

Implants can even make dentures look and feel like real teeth

If you know someone who has dentures, then you probably realize that you can often tell the difference between dentures and real teeth. The difference is often obvious by the way the person talks, eats, and smiles because they’re not comfortable with their dentures.

When you get implant-supported dentures, they look and feel like your real teeth. We make the dentures to fit your mouth, while the implants secure them and make them appear like the teeth you were born with.

Whether you have one missing tooth or multiple teeth that need to be replaced, dental implants may be the perfect choice. We’re glad to meet with you, evaluate your mouth, and talk with you about dental implants. Give us a call or click on the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

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